Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Projects

It's been awhile! I wish I could say I've been so busy that I haven't found the time for anything, but that would be a lie :) As you can see from the new blog look (which is abnormally big can someone help me??), I have a new logo for all of my projects! eight13 comes from many things. Mainly it is my birthday, used to be my address, and I always see it on the clock just to name a few. I guess you could call it my lucky number. Here is it in action:
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My cupcake boxes :)
 Big shout out to my husband for coming up with a rough draft and also to Jeremy for putting up with all of my stupid questions and giving me the images in all the PDF, PNG, JPEG, and whatever else there was!

I have been going a little cupcake crazy the last couple of weeks. I made some dirt pudding cupcakes while my father in law was in town a few weekends ago:
Happy Birthday Oreo
 These traveled back to Alabama. Not sure how many made it though (I told him he had to share). Then we celebrated my other father in laws birthday on April fools day. He loves key lime so I made the most yummy cupcake ever:

It tasted about 5 million time better than it looked
They had a delicious lime glaze and were topped with lime zest and candied lime peels (they tasted like lime gummy worms). It was a little tedious to candy them, but it was totally worth it! They would make a great snack for someone with a horrible sweet tooth (yours truly).

The icing was also to die for
A few days ago I made a little cupcake sampler for some family friends who asked if I would make cupcakes for their parents 50th wedding anniversary (what a wonderful thing to celebrate). They wanted strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Needless to say they were very pleased with all three!
Aren't they pretty?
 I am taking a break from cupcake making before my first big order. I will be making my lemon blueberry cupcakes for my wonderful friend Erica's bridal shower in a couple of weeks! If anyone would like to place an order let me know. You can email me at I ask that I have at least two weeks notice maybe more depending on how many are needed. Let me know and spread the word!