Thursday, February 2, 2012

Always Reminded

Let's see how this works. I'm doing this whole entry from my phone. You would think since I work for Verizon it would be no problem. Think again. Technology gets the best of me sometimes.

My grandma (who you will hear plenty about) always collected drummer boy quarters. Quick history: They were coins stamped in 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial. Every where we went she would search her change for them.

Just like all kids, I went through phases. At first I thought it was so cool, then I stopped looking and caring, and of course now I wish grandma was still here so we could look for those quarters forever. Funny thing is I don't have to look for them because they always seem to find me. I'm always dropping one on the floor when I count the drawer at work or seeing one in the Kroger parking lot.

I did a Google search for the value of these quarters. They aren't worth much according to various websites, but they sure are priceless to me.

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  1. My Grandma was an avid coin collector, amongst probably everything else on this earth. While with her (age 8-ish), we often sorted wheat pennies from the norm and filled up our penny book collections. However, looking back, my brother had most off of his penny books completed (probably close to 10 fulls books) and mine had probably 10 pennies in the whole collection. I always thought of my brother as a brown-noser for sorting those pennies; I, on the other hand, hated it. I'd rather write/draw on their wall sized chalkboard, or play in the creek, or catch flies for their turtle (Fred, RIP), play in the barns, collect goose feathers, look for rocks....ANYTHING besides those damn pennies. (probably why I was never a favorite grandchild of hers) As an old lady now, I like coins. I still have quite a few foreign coins my Grandma gave me and would really like to have a full collection of pennies, which will never happen. Thanks for starting a blog, my friend. I have enjoyed reading them and will continue to do so. You sent me down a memory lane than had no recent tracks of travel. =) I had a Febru-ANY sub today....just fyi. xo