Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This might sound weird, but the second I have a spotless kitchen, I can't wait to get it dirty! It's like a sickness. I start my cleaning in the kitchen and by the time I reach the bathrooms, I drop everything I'm doing because all I can think about is what I want to bake. 

Who doesn't love girl scout cookies? I love how they are always out right about the time people are starting to struggle with their new years resolution to loose weight (which I stopped making years ago). I can never say no. My favorites are thin mints and tagalongs. After I ate an entire box of tagalongs, I told myself I would not do that with the thin mints. So instead I made some thin mint cupcakes! I wanted them fast so the recipe is about as easy as it gets!

Loving my grandma's old saucer for this pic
 Thin Mint Cupcakes:
1 box of your favorite chocolate cake mix
1 sleeve of Thin Mint cookies crumbled

Follow directions for box mix. I always substitute milk with butter milk and vegetable oil with canola oil. Dump the sleeve of cookies into a ziploc bag and crumble with hands or use a meat pounder. Mix batter with cookies. Cook as directed.

I think I have finally found my go to icing recipe. I love the texture and stiffness! I found it at my new favorite blog, Glorious Treats. The only change I made is substituting vanilla extract with mint and of course adding green food coloring. I took a few of the remaining thin mints and cut into fourths for a garnish. Enjoy!

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